Happy 5th of November Everyone!

“Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot!”

I hope that November is finding you warm and with some great videogames to play. There certainly is a good selection right now with the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, COD WWII, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Damn a lot of cool AAA games are all coming out now!

Today is of course the 5th of Nov, so I will be watching V for Vendetta tonight myself. For those who have never seen it, you absolutely have to go watch it ASAP. Though the film can at times seem more like a gritty bizarre superhero movie, the depth of truth in it’s themes are possibly even more relevant now in the USA than they were when the movie was released. Similar to the classic novel 1984 the film captures such a great example of how tyranny can grow and develop even in a modern western nation if it’s people are not cautious. Aristotle’s work “Politics”, specifically the section about the signs of an oppressive leader are all portrayed in V for Vendetta with a modern adaption, showing how it’s just as true now as it was in the ancient world. The movie is not perfect and of course, and there are many different ways to solve problems without violence. V for vendetta will still be a personal favorite and it’s depth of subject matter deals with so many things that have happened in history already (oppression of homosexuals, secret police, government censorship, loss of religious rights, etc). Let us not forget history, that we may not repeat it.

Hope all is well and that you enjoyed your Halloween. I highly encourage you to watch V for vendetta tonight and enjoy all of it’s cult-classic glory. If you’re not feeling it now, at least enjoy the best movie monologue ever.

Happy 5th, and happy gaming friends!

Enter the Gungeon’s Supply Drop Update is Here!!!

Finally, it’s here! If your summer was anything like mine you played a lot of hours of the unique and addicting roguelike Enter the Gungeon! If the 180+ guns were not enough for you (or you just understand that all good roguelike’s need tons of loot), fear not! The Supply Drop Update is live today, and TOTALLY FREE for current Gungeoneers! Don’t own the game yet? No worries, Get it now on Steam HALF OFF until January 30th!

The new update includes:

  • 33 New guns and items
  • Nearly 200 new rooms
  • 7 New enemy types, including Keybullet Kin
  • New third floor boss, the Mine Flayer
  • Pasts and alternate costumes for both secret characters
  • Save and Quit at the end of each floor
  • A new NPC, Challenge Mode, shrines, a new companion, and more!
  • Numerous bug fixes, item balancing, and quality of life improvements

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Happy Gaming Friends!


Steam Summer Sale!!!

Well friends, the Steam summer sale is finally here! I’m always super excited for this time of the summer and look forward to it for a long time. Steam is cool cause there are other sales throughout the year that are really great, but when you see titles at 75% and 80% off it’s a whole new level of awesome. I’ve only bought a few so far but I have my wishlist all lined up and ready to go. Here is my top ten currently. Though I may change a few around near the bottom, the first 5 I’m really excited to play!

  1. Skyshine’s BEDLAM

2. Deathstate

3. Enter the Gungeon

4. Undertale

5. Firewatch

6. Dungeon of the Endless

7. The Banner Saga

8. NeuroVoider

9. P-O-L-L-E-N

10. Hyper Light Drifter

This is what I planing on playing this summer and those which I do I’ll be putting out posts about my personal gaming experience along with screenshots, links, and other interesting things I find and want to share. It may take a little time before I get too many hours of these in though as my current obsession is taking up a lot of it; that being Darkest Dungeon. I’ll be putting out a post about that game shortly so I won’t go on about it here other than to say if you are an RPG fan and/or you like H.P. Lovecraft you really should get this one ASAP as it is on sale till the 4th of July.

I always love recommendations and would love to hear how you liked any of these titles. Feel free to leave a comment or message us via the contact page.  Happy summer sale!